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Exact Payments

The Exact Payments Gateway is a high performance payments platform offering a full range of payment options and comprehensive features for your digital commerce business. Built for reliability and scale, the platform delivers 99.99% uptime availability and transaction response times of less than 700 milliseconds.

Online Payments

From local retailers launching new online stores to large global brands expanding online and mobile channels, Exact delivers a comprehensive set of payments capabilities for both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) clients.

Mobile Payments

Mobile in-app purchases are ubiquitous and continuing to grow for merchants in almost every category. Exact makes adding payments to your app straightforward. Turn on Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, and credit card payments to delight your customers and watch the purchases fly in.

Subscription Billing

Offering products and services on subscription plans can be a powerful tool for acquiring new customers and maximizing the lifetime value of every subscriber. What’s more, your customers appreciate the simplicity. They subscribe once and then just enjoy your service. Exact’s recurring billing service has all the tools you need to set up subscription plans, tokenize, and securely store cards on file and execute all future billing transactions on time, every time.

Contact Center Payments

Your customers are on the go, so you need to be ready when they call to place an order. With our virtual point-of-sale, the order and payment are entered and processed in seconds. The customer is taken care of, the sale is complete, and the money is on its way to your bank account.

Integration OptionS


The Exact Payments REST API enables easy integration of your internal or third-party applications with our feature-rich payment gateway. Take advantage of advanced functionality, including tokenization, EMV® 3-D Secure, Level 2 and 3 processing, soft descriptors, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and much more.

Hosted Payment Page (HPP)

The Exact Payments HPP is a secure hosted payment form which integrates directly into your online or mobile store. Your customers enter sensitive credit/debit details into our hosted payment page rather than your internal system. It’s a simple and secure way to accept payments without the burden and risk of handling credit card data.

Virtual Terminal

The Exact Payments Virtual Terminal is an intuitive online portal which enables your team to quickly process payment transactions, search transaction history, issue refunds, void transactions, and recharge from a prior transaction. Your administrator controls users, entitlements, and other features from the same online interface.  

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