Subscription Billing
Made Easy

Businesses of all types are launching new services to their customers offered as subscriptions. The Exact Payments Gateway enables you to easily add credit and debit card payment to your subscription billing plan, resulting in a streamlined customer experience and faster payment collection.

Using our online recurring billing solution, clients can quickly create and manage subscription plans on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual or custom schedule. Clients can also manage subscription plans on internal or 3rd party systems and connect to our Payments APIs to securely process recurring payment authorization and settlement.

Simplified Subscription Billing

Exact’s payment gateway provides simple options for building and managing all your subscription and recurring billing. Your scheduled payments run on-time and funds are reliably settled and deposited to your account. As a PCI Level 1 certified service provider, Exact is held to the most rigorous standards for data security and audited regularly to ensure compliance. All of this gives our clients peace of mind knowing that their customer data is always safe and secure.

Flexible Set Up

Set-up and manage an unlimited number of subscription plans in our intuitive Gateway Administration portal.

  • Enables your team to create new subscriptions directly in our system
  • Add a Subscription button to your Hosted Payment Page enabling customers to opt-in during checkout
  • Expiring card reporting allows you to capture new card information, ensuring an optimal customer experience
  • Manage off-cycle customer billing with one-time payments
  • Easily move customers between billing plans; change plan cycle times and frequencies

Minimize Risk, Maximize Customer Engagement

  • Use our Hosted Payment Pages to collect customers’ card information and eliminate the risk of storing card data in your systems
  • Create any billing schedule to fit your business model or customer needs — daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, annual, and custom

Why Choose Exact Payments?

Our approach to recurring payments provides flexible options for capturing and storing customer payment information.  We are a PCI Level 1 certified service provider subject to the most rigorous standards for data security and regular audits to ensure our readiness and compliance.  All of this gives our clients peace of mind knowing their customers’ information is safe and secure.

What are the benefits of subscription billing?

Subscription billing and recurring payments are often used as interchangeable terms. Both refer to the scheduled, regular billing process that occurs after a customer signs up to use your service. This could be for subscribing to digital services, software products, box of the month club, or virtually any other product or service that people use in their daily life–razor blades, rent, gym membership, grocery delivery and planned charitable giving, to name a few. Businesses that enroll their customers in subscription plans build a more predictable revenue stream and increase the lifetime value of each customer relationship.

How does a subscription service work?

While the payments process is quick and simple from the customer standpoint, there are a few behind-the-scenes steps involved on the merchant’s end:

  • A customer selects one of your subscription plans and agrees to terms.
  • Using any one of our interfaces (Hosted Payment Page or Gateway Admin), your system adds this new customer to a billing plan previously defined in our recurring billing module.
  • Exact Payments handles everything from there, tokenizing and storing credit card information securely and processing all future payments on the correct date.
  • Your customer is billed and you are funded for all subscription payments as they come in

Can you set up multiple subscription plans?

Yes! With Exact Payments, you can create multiple plans that fit your business model. Enroll customers in the plan that aligns with their desired billing frequency.