Accelerating Your ecommerce Payments

Innovation is exploding in both Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) digital commerce. To stay ahead of the competition, your business needs the services and tools to build seamless buying experiences, attract new customers, increase conversion, and promote repeat purchases. Our high performance commerce platform delivers everything you need to build and manage payments securely and reliably. Whether its your ecommerce store, mobile app or in-store experience, Exact Payments is all about propelling your digital commerce business.

Maximize Payment Capabilities

Our ecommerce payment gateway allows you to easily integrate and accept a full range of payment types including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s and Union Pay credit/debit cards, Paypal, Click to Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay. With Exact, your business can go global offering payment acceptance in more 140 currencies around the world.

With ecommerce payments, minimizing risk while maximizing authorization rates is key! A reliable, high performance ecommerce payment platform that scales as your business grows can be easily integrated into your webstore. With our advanced fraud filters, you can minimize the risk and potential for bad guys to disrupt your business.

  • Enjoy flexibility with a variety of payment methods and integration options
  • Improve conversions by offering more payment options
  • Leverage our security and fraud tools
  • Benefit from adaptability across web, mobile, or in-app platforms

Protecting Customer Data

Exact Payments is a Level-1 PCI-DSS service provider. Our rigorous approach to information security is independently validated each year. From our internal card tokenization service to advanced encryption technologies, Exact is constantly advancing our data security capability to exceed the latest Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. Our clients can rest assured knowing that we are always at work protecting their critical payment data.


What are key trends to consider when building great payment experiences?

Consumer convenience and ease of checkout continues to drive innovation. Digital wallets like Click-to-Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are seeing greater adoption as consumers and merchants alike begin to think less about channels and more about delivering great user experiences wherever and however they want to pay.

What is EMV® 3-D Secure?

The updated standards of authentication ensure that all players in the delivery of the payment experience work together to provide as much information and data security as possible. Like the EMV counterpart in the card present world, this represents an opportunity to leverage technology to ensure an optimal customer checkout experience in an ecommerce environment, while shifting liability away from the merchant.

How can I integrate ecommerce payments to my webstore quickly and easily?

Exact Payments Hosted Payment Pages are the quickest and easiest method to integrate your webstore with our high-performance digital commerce platform.

Business-to-consumer (B2C) Client Use Case

My wallet is digital not leather

A large national theater chain was one of the first in North America to offer online ticket purchases. Which quickly followed by the introduction of a well designed mobile app which allows movie-goers to easily find movies, locations, times and even reserve seats.

Naturally, the experience can’t end there.  Customers expect to complete their payment and download tickets right in the app.  And, it needs to be simple and fast.  The client recognized immediately that typing in payment details and billing address on an iPhone or Android device is neither fast or simple.

So, this client turned to Exact Payments with a list of ‘must have’ digital wallets to integrate seamlessly within their new mobile app.

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal— and Exact had it covered!  All easy to integrate into the mobile app using our APIs (other clients do it using our Hosted Payment Pages).  But, this client didn’t stop there.

Next, they implemented EMV® 3-D Secure in order to dramatically reduce fraudulent transactions coming in through their digital channels.  And, for the Canadian market, they added Interac Online (debit) which is growing in popularity and usage especially with younger consumers.  

Making it easy to grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.   



Effectively managing cash flow and automating accounts receivable is a much discussed topic among business owners and financial executives.  One potentially powerful tool for many businesses is to offer credit card payment options to their commercial customers.  

This opportunity now extends beyond large corporations to small businesses (SMBs) as service providers, including Exact, make credit card payments more accessible and buyers press suppliers for more efficient ways to pay.  The old ‘order-to-cash’ cycle is quickly becoming the ‘order-to-card’ cycle. 

Exact has helped many small businesses add credit card payment options for their commercial customers.  Simple steps include enabling the seller/merchant to tokenize and store commercial/purchase cards on file in our platform for repeat orders or using our Virtual Point-of-Sale to quickly take a credit card payment over the phone.

It doesn’t end there. We help customers evaluate the benefits of submitting additional details with each commercial transaction in order to lower payment fees (interchange).  Customers submitting just two (2) additional data elements–sales tax amount and customer reference number– qualify for Level 2 interchange rates which can lower their cost of acceptance by 10% or more.  That really adds up when your sales volume runs into the thousands or millions ($).

And why stop there? Level 3 interchange requires a merchant/seller to submit line item details of the goods & services purchased on each credit card transaction.  If you collect that data, Exact APIs provide an easy path for submitting with every commercial card transaction.  And, our Virtual POS also supports manual data entry of Level 3 data.  The result can be a reduction of 30% or more in interchange costs.  

That’s a needle mover…