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Partnering with Exact Payments has never been easier. Our modern, developer-friendly REST APIs make it easy to enable digital payment acceptance within your software platform. Our developer portal and rich documentation guide you through each step in the integration process. Our sandbox environment is also open and available to clients and curious developers alike.  Come on in, check it out, build and test your integration. And, if you have a spare minute, give us your feedback in the Discussions blog.


Across vertical markets and industries, there is a continuing explosion in new software as a service (SaaS) solutions coming to market with compelling capabilities and easy-to-use interfaces.  This new generation of SaaS solutions provides companies with everything they need to run the business from front door to back office.

Even better, these new solutions are regularly adding new features which deliver big value for clients.  Not so long ago, software like this would cost thousands to purchase and even more to implement and maintain.  Today, businesses pay a small monthly or annual SaaS fee and that’s it.  All new capabilities are included.

If you’re one of these exciting software solution providers, SaaS fees are great—but you may be looking at all the payments running through your platform and wondering if you should be charging additional fees for these critical components.

Delivering delightful payment experiences is in your control.

Customer buying experiences can be seamlessly integrated into the flow of your application, leading to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction

Simplify customer operations and improve their cash flow by managing payments across sales channels— online, mobile and in-store.

With the right payments technology partner, you can offer competitive rates for a fully integrated payment service, while activating an important new revenue stream for your business.  No cost disadvantage for your clients, just a better way to run their business


You don’t need to be an expert to enable payments in your software platform. Exact Payments offers flexible partner models that provide you as much support as you need.  We understand the mechanics of embedded payments and the options for building a solution that is safe, secure and compliant with Payment Network requirements.  We will customize the right partnership model to meet your growth objectives. And like our technology, our approach to partnership allows us to scale support up or down as your knowledge of the space grows. 

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