We just won the ETA Top 10 Payments ISV Award!

We are excited to receive this distinguished award!

Propelling Payments for Software Platforms

Exact Payments delivers easy-to-integrate embedded payment solutions enabling you to rapidly onboard merchants, instantly activate a variety of payment methods and accelerate your revenue — delivering an end-to-end payment processing platform for SaaS businesses.
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Fastest path to monetizing payments

Build seamless payment experiences into your platform with our modular, API-first platform.

Payments built to fit your growing business

payment processing platforms

Automated merchant onboarding

Onboard new customers quickly with our customizable underwriting technology. Real-time KYC, KYB, AML, MATCH and OFAC compliance done right.
payment processing platforms

Comprehensive suite of digital payment methods

From Apple Pay to ACH and over 140+ global currencies, we support all the payment methods your customers need.
payment processing platforms

Fully managed from checkout to funding

The entire payment flow managed by Exact ensures your customers get paid on-time, every time.
payment processing platforms

Built with security at the core

With advanced network tokenization services and beyond, get all the data security and fraud protection your business needs and your customers count on.

A platform built for growth







Partnering with experts

Exact Payments is a team of payments experts with years of experience helping clients build and manage payments solutions. We understand the details of embedded payments and the options for building a solution that is secure, scalable and compliant. And like our technology, our approach to partnership scales up or down as your business grows.

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