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All-in-One Embedded Payments Solution for SaaS Providers

Exact Payments delivers turn-key embedded payments solutions for SaaS providers. Our payment facilitation solutions as a service (PFaaS) enable you to accelerate your revenue through payments, transform experiences and outsource payment complexity.

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  • The key challenges SaaS businesses are facing which is driving them to a PFaaS
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  • The scale the platform is operating at today, along with testimonials from those who are using it

PayFac-as-a-Service is a turnkey payment facilitation model in which an external financial company like Exact Payments provides SaaS platforms with the necessary tools and infrastructure to help their customers accept electronic payments, such as credit and debit cards, ACH, and echecks. The PFaaS embedded payments solution enables software companies to act as payment facilitators, earning a portion of the payments revenue processed on their platform without taking on the required costs, risks, and ongoing management inherent to independently running payment operations. Enabling SaaS businesses to outsource their payment processing, rather than constructing and maintaining their own payment facilitation infrastructure, requires a fraction of the resources while still generating a significant revenue stream.

An example of PFaaS would be a SaaS inventory management and invoicing tool that offers payment capability to retail flower shops. SaaS platform customers (retail flower shops) could then invoice customers and get paid through the platform. With PFaaS, the SaaS platform becomes a payment provider to its customers with all the benefits of becoming a PayFac, but without the cost of building its own payments operation.

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