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Top-ranking SaaS financial platform partners with Exact Payments for embedded payment processing technology

Specifically designed for today’s high-growth “as-a-Service” businesses, Ordway is a complete solution for automating subscriptions and usage-based billing models, providing seamless revenue recognition and investor metrics. In early 2022, the Ordway team led by CEO and Founder, Sameer Gulati, decided to solve current obstacles by moving from integrated to fully-embedded payments using a PayFac-as-a-Service (PFaaS) solution from Exact Payments. With the implementation of new payment processing technology, clients experience a seamless sign-up process without having to leave the Ordway application. In addition to alleviating cumbersome onboarding processes, Ordway selected PFaaS to provide the business with additional revenue from the processing fees collected on its platform.

This case study will discuss the following key topics around this transition, including:

  • The business challenges Ordway faced which drove them to look for a better way
  • The key business benefits they’ve found with Exact’s PFaaS and fully embedded payments
  • How the new partnership is unlocking a new revenue stream, while also saving time and improving their client offering and experience

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