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Traditional Cybersecurity Does Not Work in the Cloud. Enter Shift-Left Security

shift-left security

The speed of software releases, the adoption of cloud-based services, automation in software development, and innovation in the development toolchain pose a threat to app security. Cybercriminals and other bad actors are always looking for weak spots they can exploit. As organizations of all sizes have doubled down on their cybersecurity, hackers have turned their attention to leveraging vulnerable apps and workloads to achieve their goals. And now that “every company is a software company,” opportunities to exploit apps are bountiful.

Enter shift-left security. Shift-left security is a strategy that help organizations reduce their risk and improve their security posture by addressing vulnerabilities earlier in the development process.

Exact Payments has been operating as a payment gateway since the late 1990s, but much has changed in the business landscape since then. Recent decades have seen significant changes in terms of compliance and cybersecurity, and to help our customers not only keep pace but actually excel in the midst of these new developments, we modernized our applications with an emphasis on shift-left security.

This whitepaper will discuss the following key topics around this transition, including:

  • How PCI-DSS changed credit card transactions and datacenters, as well as the roles that were born from these changes
  • Factors that drove Exact Payments to adopt “the cloud”
  • How Exact Payments built on its first proof of concept and took code from development to production

Ultimately, it’s critical for your team to think about security and all risks that they could
introduce. No security plan is perfect and will always need to be revised and tested. However, starting with security first is an essential strategy to safeguard your company in today’s world.

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