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Embedded Payments for B2B Billing and Accounting Software Providers

As a billing, accounting, or subscription management platform, you power the back-office operations that ensure your clients get paid. You already process payments. Generate income on every invoice.
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Generate a new stream of income

Every invoice and recurring transaction that gets paid on your platform can mean new revenue for your business. With PayFac-as-a-Service from Exact, you earn a portion of the processing fees, generating a new stream of income. 

Get up and running fast

Quickly onboard clients with our online application process, or embed the process into your software. Either way, Exact handles merchants' underwriting and approves clients for merchant accounts on the same day.

Choose from multiple integration options

Embed our pre-built UI components to enable your clients to collect payments via your payments form. Or utilize our API to build a seamless payments integration. 

Take advantage of competitive B2B pricing

Leverage Level 2 and Level 3 processing with business credit card purchases. Passing on more transaction data to the card networks helps you generate significant savings for clients.

Add value with payments data

Reduce hours of manual effort for your clients. By incorporating payments data into your software, you can enable automated reconciliation and automated posting to accounting or ERP solutions.

Deliver a unified in-app experience

Whitelabel payments by offering a fully embedded experience that reduces friction. 

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