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Embedded Payments for Sports and Camp Management Software

Turn payments into profits with the power of PayFac-as-a-Service. Collect revenue from payment processing while enabling your sports leagues and camps to reap the benefits of streamlined fee collections and accounting—directly within your platform.
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Produce a profit from payments

Registration fees, merchandise, and fundraising campaigns—each transaction your process earns your business revenue.

Deliver competitive processing rates

Flat-rate fee models are transparent and easy to understand. However, they are not always the most cost-effective. Sports management SaaS providers have the flexibility to choose a more competitively-priced embedded payment solution that their customers will prefer.

Save time with intuitive integrations

Our API-first platform ensures a smooth payments integration with your software. Save even more time by embedding our pre-built UI components into your payment forms.

Onboard quickly and seamlessly

Get your teams and camps up and running with payment acceptance—fast. We handle assessing risk on your behalf and grant account approvals on the same day.

Simplify accounting processes

Integrating payments data within your platform paves the way for accounting automation like automated reconciliation and posting to other backend systems.

Offer cutting-edge payment solutions

Meeting customer payment preferences increases sales. Make it easy for teams, leagues and camps to pay with Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Click to Pay, and traditional cards and ACH payments.

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