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Exact Payments Takes on SaaStr

Exact Payments was excited to attend the 2023 SaaStr annual tradeshow and conference! The SaaStr Annual is the largest non-vendor event in the industry, with 15,000+ attendees from all across the world coming together in the San Fransico Bay Area.  

The event is organized by SaaStr, the world’s largest community of SaaS executives, founders, and entrepreneurs. The organization was founded with a goal to help propel SaaS businesses from $0 to $100m ARR with less stress and more success. 

In its second year as an exhibitor at the show, the Exact Payments team documented the three-day event to provide a glimpse into all the action that SaaStr has to offer — complete with entertainment, educational sessions, and plenty of networking opportunities. The team greeted visitors at the Exact Payments booth and participated in two “braindate” roundtable discussions, including an exclusive “super braindate” that was attended by over 30 guests. 

During the braindates, Exact’s CEO, Phil Levy, and its VP of Marketing, Zachary Jarvinen, facilitated discussions around fostering strategic partnerships in the tech space and what it means to have a strategic partnership, as well as how to deliver exceptional client experiences within SaaS solutions. Attendees of the round table sessions were invited to participate in the conversations and provide their expertise on the selected subjects. 

At the booth, the Exact team demonstrated our PayFac-as-a-Service offering for visitors, explaining how SaaS businesses can earn an additional revenue stream from the payments processed on their platforms. Overall, the show was a success, and the team looks forward to participating in next year’s event! 

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