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Video Demo: How PayFac-as-a-Service Works With Exact Payments In Under 2 Minutes

Once you realize the revenue potential of payments, monetizing the transactions you process on your platform is kind of a no-brainer. SaaS platforms that monetize payments generate a new revenue stream, multiply customer value by 5x, and increase valuations by up to 10x for every dollar earned. Not to mention, embedding payment solutions within your software delivers a streamlined process for the businesses that use your platform daily. 

But actually implementing a payment monetization strategy? That can be a little tricky. With onboarding, underwriting, compliance, security, and many more payment functions to manage, getting a payments operation off the ground can feel like you are running another full-time business. 

That’s why you need PayFac-as-a-Service from Exact Payments. With Exact, you have all the tools you need to manage payments directly at your fingertips. And the complex stuff? Leave that to us. 

Take a closer look at how PayFac-as-a-Service works. Watch our video demo to learn: 

  • How Exact helps you onboard your merchant clients so they are ready to process payments almost immediately
  • What payment operations and expertise you can expect our team to manage versus the tasks you own
  • How Exact makes integrations easy and limits PCI scope for you and your merchants
  • What reporting and metrics are available to manage the success of your payments portfolio

Interested in learning more? Book a consultation with one of our payments experts. 

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Exact Payments delivers turn-key PayFac-as-a-Service solutions, enabling you to accelerate...

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