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Underwriting Workflows: Payment Processor API Tutorial for Onboarding

Watch the video below to learn how our payment processor API for onboarding and underwriting automates merchant data collection and underwriting decisioning so you can start offering payment acceptance with same-day account approvals. Then utilize the Case Management portal to review the underwriting queue along with client statuses.

Onboarding is a core process to get your clients accepting payments through your software. As a part of this process, your clients need to be assessed for any payments risk they may pose. While Exact ensures your clients pass Know Your Business, Know Your Client, Anti-Money Laundering, and OFAC requirements, some businesses appreciate the ability to customize their underwriting requirements further.

In addition to our user interface within the partner portal, SaaS businesses can use our intuitive payment processor API to build out their own fully customizable underwriting rules and quickly onboard merchants to begin accepting payments. By utilizing the Exact Payments Onboarding API, SaaS partners can embed the onboarding, underwriting, and approval process directly within their platform, creating a seamless customer experience.

Need more assistance? Our support team would be glad to help you with our payment processor API for onboarding and underwriting. Contact support today.

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