We just won the ETA Top 10 Payments ISV Award!

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Underwriting Workflows: UI Tutorial for Integrated Payment Platform

Watch this video to learn how to build fully customizable, frictionless onboarding rules and custom decisioning with the Exact Payments’ integrated payment platform user interface. Our Case Management tool with our partner portal enables any underwriting workflow to be applied during onboarding to begin quickly accepting payments.

Streamlining the onboarding process means your clients can start processing payments faster. But what happens if your client goes out of business? Or has insufficient funds to cover fees or chargebacks? Underwriting is a necessary step of the onboarding process and allows you to assess the risk of any one client — ensuring they meet Know Your Client, Know Your Business, and other regulatory checks such as Anti-Money Laundering and OFAC requirements. Now you can underwrite and approve clients for payment acceptance in significantly less time than with manual processes using our intuitive user interface.

Based on comprehensive requirements, our underwriting tools utilize automation to make account approval decisions on the same day as the application submission. Of course, not all businesses are the same, and some require unique rules to accurately assess risk.

Need help with our integrated payments platform or our underwriting tool? Contact us for support.

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