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What is a PayFac-as-a-Service?


What is PayFac-as-a-Service?

What is PayFac-as-a-Service? Also known as a managed PayFac or...


The Go-To Glossary for All Things Payments

As a software company looking to provide payments on your...
Embedded Payments

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A Guide to Embedded Payments for Nonprofit SaaS Providers

U.S. donors gave an astounding $99.33 billion in charitable donations...
8 Advantages of Working with a PayFac-as-a-Service Provider PFaaS


8 Advantages of Working With a PayFac-as-a-Service Provider

With many under constant pressure to grow, SaaS businesses are...
What is a Payment Facilitator | Exact Pay


What is a Payment Facilitator (PayFac)?

What Is a Payment Facilitator? What is a payment facilitator?...
tokenized data


Ordway and Exact Payments Announce Partnership to Offer All-in-One Billing and Embedded Payments Functionality

Ordway payments powered by Exact Payments’ payment facilitator-as-a-service solution delivers...
Payment Processing API


The Benefits of Payment Processing APIs

Payment processing APIs are the perfect solution for SaaS businesses...

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